CSCE 313 Honors
Introduction to Computer Systems
Spring 2017

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Labs/Machine Problems


Lab Release Date

Lab Due Date

Lab Handouts


Jan. X

Feb. X
Machine Problem 1 (Please check your eCampus for the handouts!)



Machine Problem 2 (Please check your eCampus for the handouts!)



TBA Machine Problem 3 (Please check your eCampus for the handouts!)



TBA Machine Problem 4 (Please check your eCampus for the handouts!)

Lab Manual

Lab basics (Also read textbook Appendix A)

Install a Virtual Machine Environment on your computer to do the Lab

Grading scheme
Report 25%
Compilation 25%
Correctness and Completeness 25%
Design and Readability 25%


  1. Submit soft copy of everything that you should submit. The soft copies should be submitted using eLearning system before the deadline. The late penalty policy is as put in the course syllabus. Please clearly indicate the platform (Solaris or Linux) to compile your program, as well as detailed instructions on how to compile and run your programs.

  2. Compose the report in a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document (pdf is preferred) and submit. Given the nature in addition to this word document you may have to submit text and C/C++ program files(with makefile). Without the makefile or compiling method described, any failure of compilation or running can cause points off. When submitting a lab assignment using turn-in system, pack all these files in a zip file and upload the zip file in the turn-in system. Check the Lab Manual for more detailed instructions (e.g., how to name your file).